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Stamping die industry development status and technological trends
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Since the reform and opening up, with the rapid development of the national economy, the market demand for molds is constantly increasing. In recent years, the mold industry has been rapid growth of about 15% growth rate, the mold industry has also undergone major changes in the composition of all components, in addition to state-owned professional mold factory, the collective, joint ventures, sole proprietorship and private have also been rapid development. Zhejiang, Ningbo and Huangyan area "mold town", Dongguan Changan and Hengli "mold town", a number of large group companies in Guangdong and the rapid rise of township enterprises, Kelon, the United States, Konka and other groups have established their own Mold manufacturing center; Sino-foreign joint ventures and wholly foreign-owned mold enterprises now have thousands or even tens of thousands.

With the accelerating pace of international standards and increasing competition in the market, people are increasingly aware of the importance of product quality, cost and ability to develop new products. The mold manufacturing is one of the most basic elements of the whole chain, mold manufacturing technology has now become a measure of a country's manufacturing level of an important symbol of the level of development and one of the signs.

At present, our country mold technology has great development, mold precision, complexity and life have greatly improved. For example, the major automobile mold companies have been able to produce large and sophisticated car cover molds; the coverage of multi-position progressive dies reflecting high-level manufacturing technology has increased; plastic mold hot-runner technologies have matured and gas-assisted injection techniques have begun to be adopted; Die-casting process has been developed. In addition, CAD / CAE / CAM technology has been widely used, advanced processing technology such as high-speed processing, compound processing has been further promoted; additive manufacturing (commonly known as 3D printing, formerly known as rapid prototyping) technology has progressed rapidly; mold standardization There is also some improvement.


However, due to China's mold industry started late, compared with foreign countries, there are still some gaps, mainly reflected in:

(1) Conflict between production and demand. With the continuous improvement of the level of industrial development, industrial products, faster update, the demand for more and more mold. Neither the quantity nor the quality can meet the needs of the domestic market, only about 70%. Caused by the contradiction between the prominent cause of mold enterprises specialized, low standardization, long production cycle. In addition, the design and manufacture of the level of technology can not fully meet the needs of development.

(2) irrational corporate structure. Many of our mold production capacity is concentrated in the mold factory or workshop of the OEMs. The commercialization of molds is rather low. More than 70% of the foreign companies are professional mold factories and take the path of "small but fine". Therefore, Production efficiency and economic benefits are superb.

(3) product level. Measuring the level of mold products, the main mold manufacturing precision and surface roughness, the complexity of processing mold, mold manufacturing cycle and life. And these few indicators have a certain gap compared with foreign countries.

In addition, the overall level of equipment industry is also relatively backward, low utilization of the phenomenon. The lack of high-quality mold technology talent, product development capability is also in urgent need of strengthening.

For the lack of mold and the huge market potential, the state developed a die industry "12? Five" development plan. On the one hand, we should continue to promote the application of new technologies to improve the manufacturing of large-scale, sophisticated and complex molds; on the other hand, we must aim at the needs of different mold markets and develop them in a targeted manner. Hope that the overall strength of the mold enterprises have further improved, the key, more than 50% of key enterprises.

In recent years, the entry of foreign companies into China has intensified competition and some vicious competition in prices has also emerged. In order to avoid losing the long-term and overall development due to temporary interests, the mold industry associations all over the country should strengthen the organization and coordination among mold enterprises and formulate reasonable price levels. At the same time, research the international mold price level, in order to guide the industry and information communication.

In recent years, many mold companies have increased investment in technological progress, the technological progress as an important impetus to the development of enterprises. Some domestic mold enterprises have popularized two-dimensional CAD and used three-dimensional CAD software such as UG, Pro / Engineer, I-DEAS and Euclid-IS to design and manufacture molds. Some manufacturers also introduced Moldflow, Modex3D, DYNAFORM, Optris and MAGMASOFT and other CAE software, and successfully applied to the injection mold and stamping die optimization design.

In the stamping mold industry, the manufacturing technology of large stamping dies, represented by automobile cover molds, has made great progress. The mold manufacturers such as Dongfeng Motor Corporation Mold Factory and FAW Mold Center have been able to produce some of the car cover molds. In addition, many research institutions and tertiary institutions to carry out research and development of mold technology. After years of hard work, we have made significant progress in mold CAD / CAE / CAM technology. We have made great contributions in improving mold quality and shortening mold design and manufacturing cycle. For example, Jilin University Automotive Cover Molding Technology independently developed automotive panel stamping analysis KMAS software, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, State Key Laboratory of Molding and Tooling technology developed by the injection mold, automotive panel mold and progressive die CAD / CAE / CAM software, Shanghai Jiaotong University Die CAD National Engineering Research Center developed die and precision die CAD software in the domestic mold industry has many users.

Although the mold industry in China has made remarkable progress over the past decade or so, there are still many gaps in many aspects compared with developed countries. For example, precision processing equipment in mold processing equipment, the proportion of lower; CAD / CAE / CAM technology penetration rate is not high; many advanced mold technology is not widely used and so on, resulting in some large, sophisticated, complex and long life mold Still dependent on imports.